Saturday, 21 July 2007

Saturday Review: 'Sexy! No No No...'

Girl's Aloud, 'Sexy! No No No...'
There's only one story dominating today's world of pop...
The after school rush has seemingly put a halt to popjustice's forum, as Girls Aloud fans: decide where this ranks in the Aloud cannon, madly try to decipher the lyrics, and figure out where Sarah Harding sings on this track.
After only 17 plays and counting here's my view already.
This song isn't as immediate as most of the Girl's previous tracks, seemingly because the vocals are so layered, and covered by an immense wall of sound, that its hard to figure out the lyrics. I wonder if this is where the title comes from with the 'No No No' being the most easily singalong able part... along with the sexy! at 1.27 and the intermittant woo woos- although for me they slip in and out between listens.
While this may seem to be its flaw, its also wherein lies its charm. Every time i listen i hear different lines and different aspects of the song. Critically there is no hook. Its catchy and draws you in but its as radical as 'Sexyback', and beats hands down 'Biology' for daring to break the pop mould in ways only wet dreamed about.
The Girls, and perhaps here more importantly their producers: the oft lauded Xenomania, deserve full respect this time for this track. Too often our love of pop hyperbole heralds Xenomania as the stardust that can make any pop dud sparkle, but here they truly prove their inventive worth.
Maybe my copy isnt the full single, because the structure seems like we could go ten more rounds of this. Not long past the 3minute mark the song cuts out leaving us wanting more. Maybe thats its beauty, it does feel like both promo wise and possibly on the album that this is the 3minute foreplay leading into a fresh sound that seems to revel in the harder and darker themes that we've only glimpsed from the Girls before.

(To get your *illegal* copy, to use before you buy it officially on Sept 3rd, check the post below)

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